Simplified Airtime API

Easy to use Airtime API, sell MTN, vodacom and Telkom vouchers

The purpose of this easy-to-use bulk ordering interface is to provide a language independent platform that allows programmers to draw high volumes of Airtime PINs in real time without having to learn any new code. Drop a txt file into the Request folder and see the results in the Result folder. It's that simple.

How it Works

Register on using your cell phone number (this will also be your username for logging into the system.)

When registered, download and install the Simplified Interface here:

When you have made a deposit to top up your Freepaid account, you are ready to order. Place a file in the Request folder called Request.txt (C:\Airtime_API\Request) and the system will deliver and decrypt the ordered batch of voucher PINs in text format for you to distribute or integrate into your application.

For detailed information go to