Bulk Airtime

Sell Bulk Airtime Vodacom, MTN, Cell C without our Bulk Airtime software

FiveRand is a dedicated supply portal for BULK Airtime wholesalers (printed vouchers). Our straight-through automated processes allow you to pay, order and receive airtime any time of the day or night, from any location. Secure, encrypted virtual bulk vouchers are delivered within seconds of ordering. Our specialist printer software (free download) allows you to decrypt and print the stock onto sealed, pre-printed Network paper.

Using FiveRand means your money isn’t tied up in high-risk Airtime vouchers. Freepaid carries the stock. You order only what you need, on demand, 24/7/365.

FiveRand gives you access to our highly competitive and transparent wholesale Airtime pricing. You always get the best price, no matter how big or small your business.

Start-Up Packages

Option 1 (Full Package)

This package is for new Distributors wishing to enter the Airtime Distribution market. It includes an Epson wide format Dot-Matrix printer (one year guarantee), 20 000 Multi-Network vouchers (1,000 sheets with 20 vouchers each), FREE Universal Printing Solution software, FREE activation, a user manual and online assistance.

Cost: R6999

Added Value: One free box of paper per month for every month that you print 18 500 vouchers or more.

Option 2 (Bring your Own Printer)

For new and existing Distributors who own a wide format printer and wish to buy from Freepaid/Five Rand. This package includes the Universal Printing Solution software and activation, 40 000 Multi-Network vouchers (2 x cases), user manual and online assistance.

Cost: R1140

Added Value: One free box of paper per month for every month that you print 18 500 vouchers or more.

Why FiveRand?

If you are a new or existing Airtime Distributor, with your own wide format dot-matrix printer and access to Voucher Paper, but you require 24/7 access to airtime, Freepaid’s Universal Printing Solution is for you. At a once-off cost of R1150, our downloadable Windows software gives you access to airtime at our competitive pricing, 24/7/365. Even banking happens seamlessly after hours.

How it Works


Register at fiverand.co.za with your cell number as your unique username.

Order your Printer & Paper

After registration, call us on 087 073 6555 to order your printer and paper and arrange for delivery or collection.

Download & Install Software & Printer

Download the free printing software at fiverand.co.za/download.html and install on your Windows PC. After installation click on Help in the program to get detailed setup and user instructions.

Make a Deposit

Before ordering vouchers, make a payment into your account using your cell number as reference. See banking details at fiverand.co.za/how-to-pay.html

Order and Print Airtime

Log in on fiverand.co.za using your cell number and the password chosen at registration. Purchases can only be made with positive account balances. Place your orders for printing at fiverand.co.za/order.html and print when received.


PIN numbers delivered securely for printing on Multi- or Single-Network voucher paper

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or higher, 1Gb RAM and 60G Hard Drive
  • Wide Format Dot-Matrix printer
  • Voucher paper
  • Freepaid Universal Printing Solution


  • No need to carry stock
  • Print high volume on demand
  • Do print runs per customer order with multi-network paper
  • System availability 24/7/365
  • Competitive pricing