Free Wifi Solutions

Free Wi-Fi captive portal and Hotspot software

Freepaid’s proprietary Datasaver technology is the new gateway to the internet. Not only does it open up free internet access to communities disadvantaged by the digital divide, it also enables any business to provide free wifi access to any targeted market.

In return, the business or sponsor enjoys the privilege of an exclusive, branded wifi network that offers real value to the chosen community, while associating the brand directly with the user experience in a tangible and measurable way.

Through our advanced ad server, Freepaid gives every hotspot owner full control over marketing or any other content communicated with the user. While the user enjoys free internet access, the hotspot owner gets the following benefits:

  • Direct viewer attention, with free data to consumers as an instant reward
  • Full colour static or video images placed 12 inches from the consumer’s face daily, before accessing the internet
  • Delivery of targeted messages into traditionally hard to reach markets
  • Data costs at unbeatable rates and full budget control
  • The ability to collect consumer and product information through targeted surveys
  • Converting marketing spend to social investment to build communities and support economic growth
  • Playing a significant role in bridging the ‘digital divide’

Freepaid also offers business opportunities for wifi dealers and installers.

For more information on Datasaver, contact Freepaid on any of our platforms, or complete the contact form and we will be in touch