Ez Airtime

Sell Airtime and use the Pinless Airtime API

EZ Airtime is for people who want to sell Airtime at a profit from an ordinary cellphone, without accessing the Internet. Our Dealers get competitive pricing and access to many voucher types all delivered seamlessly by SMS in real time.

Register at www.ezairtime.co.za

Airtime API

This site is for serious developers. If you are a programmer you can use our API to draw vouchers in real time. Development site with Monopoly Money also available. You will need to register and then login to access the API and wsdl etc..

View the API here http://ws.dev.freepaid.co.za/airtimeplus/

View the WSDL here http://ws.dev.freepaid.co.za/airtimeplus/?wsdl

Register on our development site here http://dev.freepaid.co.za/ and then request some play money

Register on our live site here www.freepaid.co.za